FuCo Wine

Welcome to FuCo WINE

FuCo Wine is a wine consulting and import company founded in Copenhagen by the renowned sommelier Felix Chamorro. Felix almost philosophical approach to wine makes him an excellent curator for wine selections. His understanding of wine-making processes and dedication to the subject provides the core for the exquisite selection of wines on his portfolio.

FuCo Stands for “Full Consciousness”. Full consciousness summarises Felix's criteria where *Sustainability, *Diversity, *History, and *Respect are the keywords.

FuCo focuses on small scale producers working with the maximum respect of the environment. Producers who develop environmentally friendly farming practices such as Biodynamic, Cosmoculture, Fukuoka Method, Permaculture and others. Producers who avoid totally the use of synthetic chemical products such as pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and insecticides. In the cellar, minimal intervention following traditional methods rather than commercial ones, methods that emphasize the unique character of each of these handcrafted wines.

Our selection has a strong base in the Iberian Peninsula but with a special “feeling” for the Atlantic Wines. We strive to make “ wine lovers” to discover wines made from Indigenous Grapes, from areas where winemaking is a thousand years tradition.